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Our History

Constables and part-time police officers handled the law enforcement needs of Voorhees Township from it’s founding in 1899 until 1961.  Since there were no police radios, a method was devised to notify the on-duty officers that a call was pending.  This method was referred to as the porch light system.  Whenever residents needed an officer they would call the off duty officer by telephone and explain the problem.  The off duty officer would then turn on his porch light to signal the officer on patrol.  The officer patrolling would drive by and notice the light on.  The officer would stop by the residence and get his next call.  This practice ended in 1960 when Voorhees Township purchased its first marked patrol car which included a radio.

By 1961 a full time police chief administered a workforce of six part-time officers.  In 1963 the number of full time officers rose to four which included a sergeant and two patrolmen.  Today, the department has risen to a current complement of fourty-five full time Officers.  The force currently includes a Police Chief, a Deputy-Chief, a Captain and three Lieutenants, Two sergeants, an investigations bureau, a patrol bureau, a bicycle patrol unit, a traffic unit, two canine units, eleven Class II Special Officers, eight civilian support and records personnel.  In 2001,  police headquarters was moved to it’s current location.  Police headquarters provides accommodation for the sworn officers and the support personnel.
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